Foodie Puppies Cotton Durable Dog Chew Rope Toy for Small to Medium Dogs (Colour May Vary)
PRICE: 2.66
Quick Overview : Multi function. Nice chew toys to fulfill dogs instinctual needs. Great to clean teeth, keep health, redirect biting behavior, strengthen the bond between dog and owner, decreases separation anxiety, proper chewing behavior. Safety. Without any toxic plastic or rubber parts, dog chew toys are safe to chew and play. Great shape to chew, toss, interactive and playFunny and durable cotton chew toys. 100% cotton washableEnvironmentally friendly. Regular cleaning to keep chew toys clean
Product Description

Everyone loves to play with their dog. Show him or her some extra attention with these fun rope toys. They are built to be durable with 100% cotton fabric so that you and your dog will get great use and enjoyment from them. . Will you worry about your dog when you are outside is it sad too lonely or too vigorous and makes your home messy now let this and colorful toy set help you. Your dog will be happy to play with the toys, what's more, burning its excess energy give you a clean and tidy home, worry the boring life will cause your dog lazy and unhealthy made of 100% safe, non-toxic and durable cotton fiber, clean your puppy's teeth and massage gum while chewing cotton fibers clean teeth while playing great toy for relieving separation anxiety in pets who are left home alone during the day. Built strong to chew and play for hours, perfect for teething puppies.

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