Diamond Farrier DC1HB Horseshoe, 1 Classic Heeled, 10 Pairs
PRICE: 57.91
Quick Overview : Wide web for increased bearing surface and hoof wall supportFull 1/8" wide crease permits deep seating of nail head in counter sink without hang-up on crease wallsIncreased inside shoe taper provides added relief from snow and clay build-upLightWeight for reduced fatigue10Degree crease Draft gives more control over slant when following Draft of foot and hoof
Product Description

Pick up a new Diamond shoe and you'll see the difference. Our new induction heat forging process brings you the best Diamond shoes ever made, with smoother edges, a deep crease, and cleaner punches. This new technology means you get a more consistent shoe, with holes perfectly aligned so nails go in tight and true. Every shoe is flat and even, so there's less rework, but when rework is needed, cold workability is outstanding. Diamond shoes are designed for farriers like you who demand quality and value to increase their productivity and boost their bottom line. Try a box soon.

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